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How do Different Wing Shapes Stall?

Have you ever considered  how the shape of your preferred aircraft’s wings will affect how it will stall? One would think that the more modern the aircraft, especially when it comes to airliners, the less likely they are to find themselves in a stall situation, and this would be true…

What is the difference between Vmc and Vmca?

Nope, this is not VMC – Visual Meteorological Conditions that we are talking about, but rather flying speeds relating to twin engine aircraft. The key to understanding twin engine performance, is how they fly with two engines operating, and how the bitch switch gets turned on when only one engine is operating.

Why you should check tyre pressure every flight

While it might just be a little laziness, or a seemingly less important part of your pre-flight, when fuel and oil take precedence, it seems that checking tyre pressure is often accomplished with an eyeball and quick kick. So how should you check the tyre pressure, and what happens if your tyre pressure is too low or too high?

Why do some aeroplanes take off with flap and others not?

Have you ever noticed how in your initial training, in the trusty single engine, you were taught to take one notch (10°) flap, yet when you moved onto a light twin engine, suddenly the instruction was zero flap? It can be puzzling why some aeroplanes take off with some flap and others with none at all, but the answer is an interesting one.

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