Flight Planning

Why You need to take care when flying from high to low pressure areas

When starting flying lessons, we are given a lot of sound advice, but over time, especially if you don’t fly longer cross country trips on a regular basis, the warnings become faded and are sometimes forgotten. One of these wicked phrases that we were all taught is ‘High to low, careful go!’, but understanding what this means can be a challenge.

What is the difference between Vmc and Vmca?

Nope, this is not VMC – Visual Meteorological Conditions that we are talking about, but rather flying speeds relating to twin engine aircraft. The key to understanding twin engine performance, is how they fly with two engines operating, and how the bitch switch gets turned on when only one engine is operating.

How much runway do you need?

Knowing how much runway you have, and more importantly how much you need, is critical to executing safe take-offs and landings. So if you are afraid (rightfully so), of finding yourself in an ‘Oh sh*t!’ moment with some tall trees magnifying before you, then read on…

What is your Endurance?

Ever had a conversation with Air Traffic Control and they have asked you ‘What is your endurance? Usually the answer is a thumb suck in anticipation of a clearance to come in and land, but have you ever wondered what exactly endurance means, and how you can work it out?

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