What is a Pitot Tube and How does it work?

Named after it’s 18th century inventor, French engineer Henri Pitot, this marvelous invention is still in use today…

Draining the fuel tanks – What to do if you find water?

Draining the fuel tanks is one of the first things we are taught to do in the pre-flight routine, but what do you do the day you discover a bit of water at the bottom of your fuel drainer?

What is Pressure Altitude?

Pressure altitude is the altitude in the standard atmosphere at which the pressure is the same as the existing pressure…

Downdrafts – What should you do?

The trouble with downdrafts, just like wind, is that you usually cannot “see” these things coming, but only the effects. Downdrafts can cause pants-wetting moments, or even be lethal if you are unprepared or have little idea of what is happening.

Take-Off V-Speed Sequence Explained

 V-speeds are simply, important speeds for aircraft. While commercial pilots are well aware of V-speeds, these are also translated for general aviation aircraft, with different coloured arcs on the airspeed indicator.

Take Off Limitations – What are they?

Can you take off? A question which can only be answered after considering a number of factors, such as temperature, airfield elevation, runway length, aircraft mass, aircraft acceleration, climb performance, and obstacles in the climb-out path…

10 Marshalling Signals You Should Know

If you fly out of a smaller, general aviation airfield, you are probably convinced that you will never be faced with the prospect of following the instructions of the seemingly mute, Visi-vest clad, baton wielding persons called marshalls.

What is Dead Reckoning?

Dead Reckoning. Sounds like a very apt name for the latest scary movie, I have absolutely no idea why the word ‘dead’ is used…

Which is better – Yoke or Stick Control?

A recent debate with a fellow pilot friend has led to this topic, so I do hope that all of you reading this will leave your comments down below. I must start with a confession, no pun intended, that I am a stick girl!

How to Calculate Distance and Time using Co-ordinates

Well, for some of you, it is necessary to be able to calculate the distance and time from co-ordinates for exam purposes. For the rest of you, who rely on that magnificent invention called GPS, quite frankly, I don’t blame you, but it is useful to use your grey matter, and know how to work it out the old fashioned way, just in case…

The Essential Radio Book

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Snooping around hangars…

Caproni Ca 20

The Caproni Ca 20 is believed to be the first air-to-air fighting machine dedicated, to destroying enemy aircraft.

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Stampe-Vertongen SV.4E

The beauty of travel is that you get to see a whole new world of aeries that may not exist in your own country or even on your own continent! This particular Stampe had me a bit stumped - I spotted this one at an airfield in Chatellrault, France and thought it must be...

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Jim Davis’ Corner

Learning to fly a Green Aeroplane – or a J3 Cub if you prefer…

Many years ago Geoff Towill blundered into my little flying school in George. He was in his mid 30s and had tatty clothes and locks of unkempt hair hanging over his face. He had that slightly wild look of a dotty professor. “Can you teach me to fly a green aeroplane?” He asked.

“I expect so. What sort of aircraft is it?”

“It’s a green one.” Geoff explained

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Interview – 5 Minutes with…

5 Minutes (and a bit!) with Karl Jensen

An amusing interview with Karl Jensen – a former SAA airline captain. A true aviator and gentleman, who will never stop loving the act of flying!


‘Sluggy’ Lugg

Ever wondered what it must be like to have 44 000 flying hours? Just ask ‘Sluggy’ Lugg! Our video interview will have you in stitches…

The Flight of: The Bum

The Flight of: The Bum

The world’s largest aircraft – the Airlander 10, nicknamed the ‘Flying Bum’ because of its shape. The helium filled craft can travel at 150km per hour, and can remain airborne for 5 days!

Airfield Hangouts…

Brakpan – Benoni (FABB)

Brakpan is a town known for its interesting car mods and hairstyles, however, the airfield is an understated hub of activity and cool people. FABB is one of the oldest airfields in South Africa - it was built before OR Tambo, which explains why it sits nestled in OR...

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Parys (PAPY)

Every young pilot who has trained in the Johannesburg area, will have, at some stage, performed at least a touch and go here, and therefore it has sentimental value.

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Kitty Hawk (FAKT)

Why we like it: Nice ‘humpy’ runway, can be challenging the first time, but if you happen to have a bounce, you are usually out of the line of sight of the restaurant patrons…

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