Not exactly an exciting place to visit, but it has a nice long runway in good condition. There is not much to see or do at this airfield, but there is a reason that I am featuring it… The President’s Trophy Air Race will be held here on the weekend of the 25 -27th of May!

I am sure there will be something to see on that weekend, so if you are in the area, please feel free to come and watch the excitement! If you have entered, and not from the area, I thought I would post a few photos that would help guide you to the field. Ergo Tower is the major landmark if you are arriving from the South, and will line you up pretty close to runway 03. From the North, you need to firstly look out for the Eastvale dam, but more significant is the little mine dump just to the right of runway 21. If you are approaching from the West, just beyond Brakpan airfield you may be looking out for Jan Smuts Dam – this is currently not a good idea as it is not visible at all! The dam has been completely over-grown by Hyacinths so it looks more like a big green park, you have been warned!

Some photos taken from the aircraft which may help:

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